Access Behavioral Health


Incorporated in 2006, Access Behavioral Health (ABH) in Louisville, Kentucky has been a stabilizing, nurturing force for the community it serves.  We at ABH provide services for mental health, psychiatry, alcohol and drug addictions, prevention, recovery and treatment.  We care for children, adults and their families during transitions in their lives.

We provide individual, family and group counseling services, along with psychological testing and psychiatric medication management.

We believe that from even the most challenging and stressful situations, individuals can grow in their ability to cope with problems to improve the quality of their lives and find joy and hope to achieve positive life experiences.

Access Behavioral Health, Inc.
3801 Springhurst Blvd., Suite 101
Louisville, Kentucky  40241
Phone (502) 394-0101
 Fax     (502) 425-4275
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